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ABCP –Agropecuaria Biotecnologia Consultoria e Projetos LTD  is a small company that can operate in Brazil as a catalyst for those willing to invest in the country in the area of AGRICULTURE, and BIOTECHNOLOGY including PHARMACEUTICALS.  Its small staff is extremely competent technically and in legal affairs. The President Luiz Antonio  Barreto de Castro ( see CV in the Lattes platformwww.cnpq.br ) has a long experience in  science and R&D management. His career includes 15 years as a professor, 35 years as a scientist and 15 years as a R&D National Secretary for the Ministry of Science and Technology. This experience helps those willing to invest in Brazil bringing the necessary information to convey the best actors to work together. In this sense ABCP is not a CMO or a CRO, it is in fact a CPO .The P goes for Platforms .ABCP builds Platforms. We define platforms as the endeavor of joining contractually institutions that have complementary competence and common objectives. There are other definitions of Platforms (1): A platform is a meta-organization, a formative context that molds structures, and routines shaping them into well-known forms, such as the hierarchy, the matrix and even the network, but on a highly volatile basis. Task uncertainty is so pronounced that conventional ways of looking at the organizational structures and processes, such as the transaction costs approach or the strategy-structure link , need to be amended in favor of a more dynamic perspective. Such a perspective looks at organizations as platforms. ABCP can offer in addition technical analysis on the most competitive products and personalized and innovative services. ABCP is in operation since June of 2011 nationally and globally. The President occupied the presidency of the Biotechnology Brazilian Society many times, the last one from November of 2012 till November of 2015.In short ABCP is a small although global company specialized in designing Networks/Platforms that bring together actors and institutions in Brazil and abroad that have complementary skills and competence and common goals. The role that ABCP can play makes the company unique in Brazil.
ABCP is actually a platform: agribusiness, biotechnology, consulting and platforms. The company has a focus on Agribusiness because we have accumulated 35 years of experience in EMBRAPA – CENARGEN The National Center of Genetic Resources and Biotechnology, particularly in the expression of genes in plants that is the basis of biotechnology. The convergence of biology allows the expression of genes in plants and in the milk so that the product of the platforms can be a drug with higher added value than food. This change of paradigm allows a competition with the Big Pharma who works with reactors. Platforms not only suggest themes. The ABCP identifies skills that operate and exercise the platforms in the form of projects. The Brazilian pharmaceutical industry did not register a product on FDA or EMEA. Don't have a blockbuster. Need partners who have expertise in areas where we don't have.

Reference :
(1) Ciborra ,C.U., The Platform Organization: Recombining Strategies, Structures and Surprises ( 1996) Published on line. Page Range 103-118




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